Gown Preservation

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Untreated, invisible stains such as sweat, dirt, and oils from your wedding day can wreak havoc on the delicate fabrics of your wedding dress and cause staining, yellowing, and even fabric decay over time. This is why more brides across the nation have trusted professional wedding dress cleaning & preservation service with the care of their cherished wedding dress.


At BBG we recommend Wedding Gown Preservation that has been taking care of brides since 1913.


**Just drop off your dress and up to 3 items (veil, garter, handkerchief etc) and the ladies of BBG will take care of the rest. In 4 to 8 weeks your dress will arrive at your home in perfect condition.


You can view the gown preservation on our Shopify store. It can be purchased directly online or in-store.

Also a coupon for brides who have purchased their wedding dress at BBG.

$100 OFF gown preservation at Bridals by Gilbert.

Expires 90 days after your wedding date.

Limit one coupon per customer. 

Gown Preservation